Woodstock, Georgia


The Woodlands is a Beautiful, Master-Planned Development

Yard Sale!
Reminder: It's that time of year again - the Annual Community Yard Sale!
This year, the City of Woodstock is hosting their City Wide Yard Sale
the weekend of April 19th - 21st. 
This will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 19th -21st. 
The Woodlands community is featured on the city yard sale map. 
Please review the attached for further information or by following this link. 
Signs will be posted at our community entrances, so keep an eye out for those.
If you have any items you've been wanting to sell, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Enjoy our work at your convenience!!
Thank you our great neighbor Benito!!!! You are amazing!!
We appreciate your time, passion and expertise for all of us to enjoy!!
Click on Map Below


Please welcome our new property manager, Derek Whitmer.
You can reach Derek at 678-445-2441 or
Derek’s office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Welcome your new HOA Board of Directors:
 Scott Busson, Trei Wentz, and Monica Umesh who will join current board members, Charlie Fisher and Rackel Ismach.
At their next scheduled board meeting, the board members will decide board positions.

Click here to see the latest news on City of Woodstock's plans for Little River Park
The Trickum/Nocatee Roundabout Project
The Trickum/Nocatee Project will include the establishment of an entrance to (the new) Little River Park to make this a roundabout intersection. There is currently an entrance onto Nocatee Trail on the western side of Trickum Road. 
The roundabout will allow traffic to move smoothly without creating a back-up of vehicles trying to turn left onto Nocatee.

Keep the Woodlands Looking Neat & Clean!


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Nature Trail
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Pet Registration
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Sixes Management Group
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Social Committee
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Vendors-Neighbor Recommended
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Architectural Request Committee

All major exterior home improvements, including landscaping, must be approved by the Woodlands Architectural Request Committee. Applications are promptly reviewed by ARC. Please click below for information on design guidelines and the submission process.

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